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Q & A with Marouane Rouicheq

By Brooke Hunter

There is one beauty oil that rules them all – Argan Oil. Having made its way into mainstream cosmetics, what many people do not realise is that Argan Oil is only effective when it is 100% pure.

In 2012 Arganeco was born. Not only have they developed a luxurious and superior range of Argan Oil products, they only use 100% pure Argan Oil - ethically sourced from south western Morocco and certified organic by ECOCERT.

The Argania/ Argania Spinosa or Argan tree is indigenous to the arid southwest region of Morocco and Berber women (native Moroccans) have used it for centuries by producing the Argan Oil for consumption and traditional Moroccan medicines. The oil has interesting nutritional and cosmetic properties well-known across the globe.

The Argan trees of Morocco play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance and the economic situation of the population and in 1999 The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) added the Argan tree to the World Heritage List.

“At Arganeco we purchase our Bio Argan Oil directly from the women’s village co-operatives in southern Morocco,” says Arganeco, Owner / Director Marouane Rouicheq. “These co-operatives aim to improve the social and economic situations of the rural populations, especially for the women and young girls,” he says.

So far 2,500 women have followed educational courses in reading, writing and mathematics and now more than ever the women understand their legal rights.

There are hundreds of products in the market today that promise to restore the youth and vitality of your skin. While some of these products do contain beneficial extracts or essences which have anti-aging properties, the majority of these commercial brands often contain harmful or harsh chemicals that only give the feeling of suppleness or elasticity to skin, making it look younger merely on the surface. What’s more, commercial anti-aging products often contain toxic substances that choke the skin or cause it to break out.

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