The best Anti-Aging beauty treatment that really works!

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The best Anti-Aging beauty treatment that really works!

Antioxidants are the best weapons to capture free radicals, neutralize and reduce their harmfulness. The best known antioxidant is vitamin E. It is also used as a preservative in foods to preserve freshness and avoid aging and rancidity.

Naturally, argan oil has a high content of vitamin E. It thus stimulates cell regeneration and prevents skin aging. Here's a little comparison showing the richness in vitamin E contained in the culinary argan oil.

Content in mg per 100 g

  • Argan oil: 70.2
  • Palm oil: 25.6
  • Peanut oil: 13.0
  • Olive oil: 7.1

Argan oil prevents the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its wealth in essential fatty acids that represent no less than 80% of its composition. These acids help the skin to fight against dryness and loss of elasticity, two factors favoring the appearance of wrinkles. The skin gains in flexibility and tone, it becomes more resistant.

Argan oil for eye wrinkles

You will therefore understand, you can use argan oil for eye wrinkles or contour of the lips, externally, with the application of argan oil on the face or in use internally with the food argan oil consumption. Each evening, apply a few drops on your eye wrinkles or another by performing a light massage until absorbed. Argan oil absorbs quickly.

Given its anti-aging properties, argan oil is also present in night care to prevent wrinkles. You can get excellent Anti-aging serum enriched with argan oil and shea butter, 2 natural ingredients essential for younger looking skin, longer.

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