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From the miraculous Argania; the tree of life empirically known for thousands of years. The Moroccan oil well-kept secret is finally revealed.

Who We Are


At Arganeco we are dedicated to promoting natural beauty with the MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL. Our resources are derived from the fields of Morocco in its purest form available. With our innovation, we are fully committed to the trading of this amazing beauty product at affordable prices with emphasis right from its production phase. At Arganeco, we offer an open community for Argan oil users and producers to connect. Historically, the argan oil for skin was discovered centuries ago in the South Western part of Morocco which happens to be the only the place in the world the Argan tree (Commonly known as Argania/Argania Spinosa) can be found. Since then, it has remained a female affair and the women from the indigenous culture of berber took it upon themselves to naturally extract the pure organic argan oil from the kernels. To understand the true value of this rare gift of nature, one would need to meet with these devoted women and witness how it takes over 10 hours to make a litre of argan oil. The process involves hand-pressing the small kernels to collect its oil content which has various essential minerals and vitamins for body rejuvenation, skin softening and hair nourishment.

Our Vision

At Arganeco we are committed to the future of the world of natural beauty. Guided by timeless values, respect to nature and absolute fairness in trading, constantly combining innovation authenticity and harmony to offer you the beauty you desire at affordable price.We have chosen to use only fine products as our organic Moroccan argan oil, under a strict quality process and a production philosophy different from conventional cosmetics.Our product range is guaranteed without the use of preservatives, no use of synthetic active ingredients from the chemical industry, colorants and not tested on animals.Our range is formulated based of the well kept secret family recipes our ancestors and Berber women have used for centuries.


OurĀ Mission


Our mission is to develop and create top quality products and brands in constant evolution that satisfies the needs of our consumers. Using 100% organic argan oil and the best natural active element, a fine texture and respectfully cares for your skin, bringing pleasure to your entire body.In addition and most importantly, we are committed to these women and men who have made this tradition from an exceptional product: argan oil.Because their argan oil is noble and will never be a consumer product, we are engaged in a process of fair trade and sustainable development within our charter.